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Brisbane Wedding Celebrant
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Anthony  Walsh
A  Brisbane & Sunshine Coast  Marriage  Celebrant
As a Brisbane Marriage Celebrant & Sunshine Coast Celebrant, Anthony Walsh provides professional Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies and other services, doing everything he can to ensure that your day is remembered for all the right reasons.
"Personalised ceremonies capturing the essence of your relationship."
Congratulations and best wishes for your up and coming marriage.  I thank you for taking the time to consider me as your Civil Marriage Celebrant for your wedding day.  I would be honoured to be asked to share in this wonderful day of your life.

Marriage ceremonies are a public expression of one of the most precious and beautiful of all gifts, the love that you have in your hearts for one another and I offer you the freedom to  express those feelings in your own special way.   There are a number of suggestions which I offer to Brides and Grooms that allow you to compile your own civil ceremony, one that is reflective of your own particular style and personalities.

The process is straightforward, fun and can incorporate family, cultural and spiritual traditions. As your marriage celebrant, I will work closely with you providing as much guidance as you desire.

I take care of all the legal aspects of your ceremony leaving you worry free to enjoy your day.  I would like to help you create your perfect wedding day ceremony, so please call me for further information or to make an appointment to discuss your day in greater detail.

Sincerely yours

"Anthony is a great celebrant, someone you can trust to perform your wedding ceremony in the way you want."
"The Celebrant you can trust!"
Contact me:

Tel: 0404400252

"Together we create a ceremony that is uniquely yours."
A Brisbane  Male Marriage Celebrant; Sunshine Coast male celebrant - for Wedding, Commitment and General Civil Ceremonies - Brisbane Australia
Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant; brisbane male celebrant; brisbane celebrant
In performing the duties of a wedding celebrant, I work in accord with the 'Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants' and my own personal and professional values.  These values include:


In demonstrating these values I will:

Communicate clearly and openly with you
Let you know what is going on and what is  required
Answer questions honestly and provide the best wedding ceremony information and choices available at the time
Accept responsibility for my performance in the execution of my duties and responsibilities as your appointed Civil Celebrant.


In demonstrating these values I will:

Allow for and respect your privacy
Maintain confidentiality in all my dealings
Be considerate of your cultural background, beliefs, religion and individual needs
Take care of your marriage ceremony and your property
Show professional marriage celebrant courtesy at all times and encourage self expression that adds value to the process.


In demonstrating these values I will:

Actively listen to you, giving you my full attention when we communicate
Endeavour to explain things clearly and seek genuine feedback to ensure accuracy in understanding the communications between couples and celebrant
Be creative in providing resources and access to  resources
Exercise all due care and responsibility in my communication and actions as your wedding celebrant.
Sunshine Coast marriage celebrants; Brisbane wedding celebrants; Brisbane civil celebrants
Anthony Walsh Brisbane Male Celebrant; Sunshine Coast Marriage celebrant
I will do everything I can to ensure your wedding ceremony is one that is remembered for all the right reasons.  In engaging me as your marriage celebrant you will have:

*   A marriage ceremony individually crafted with the Bride and Groom ensuring that it is what you want
*   A professional Civil Celebrant attending and officiating at your wedding ceremony
*  All the required legal documents prepared prior to, during and after your wedding, including assistance with the Notice of Intended Marriage
* A printed ceremonial Marriage Certificate on the day and all the legal paperwork lodged with the appropriate authorities. 
* An official Certificate of Marriage will be ordered with, and issued and sent by the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages usually within two weeks after the ceremony
*  Meetings with you to undertake the legal paperwork and thoroughly discussing and organising your wedding ceremony
*  Access to a range of resources to assist you in the selection of the format, words and rituals  for your wedding ceremony
*  A rehearsal, if you require, of the ceremony with you
*  Your ceremony will be carried out competently, with authenticity and in the spirit of good fun
*  A wedding ceremony for you to remember forever.
“Over the years I have known Anthony I have found him to display a genuine interest in people and he is sincere in the confidence and the trust  placed in him by others.  I can highly recommend him as a marriage celebrant or for any position that requires empathy and effective communication.”
“Anthony displays a very high standard of ethics, personal integrity and compassion in all his dealings.”
"Anthony has the qualities of an exceptional Civil Celebrant because of his dedication to all he undertakes, his understanding and commitment to the institution of marriage along with his warm and human touch as an individual.”
“The quality of Anthony’s personality, his relaxed style, and his commitment to the betterment of people around him, stand him in good stead as a marriage celebrant.”
Getting Married
Attorney General’s Department  -
The Australian Government Attorney-General's Department provides information on the institution of marriage and the legal requirements involved. It is important to understand what steps to take in the lead up to getting married.
Notice of Intended Marriage Form
This form is to be completed with your celebrant and must be lodged with the celebrant no less than one month  and no more than 18 months prior to your ceremony.
Statutory Declaration Form
A Statutory Declaration is a written statement declared to be true in the presence of an authorised witness.  Your celebrant will advise you if you  require a Statutory Declaration.
Marriage Celebrant
Code of Practice

The Code of Practice that applies to marriage celebrants.
Happily Ever...
Before & After
A pamphlet that tells you something of what it means to be married, the laws you need to know and where to go for marriage education and counselling.
Marriage Act 1961
Marriage is regulated by the Marriage Act 1961, the law under which marriages can be solomnised in Australia.

Under the Marriage Act, celebrants are obliged to provide couples with information about relationship programs.  Relationships Australia, Centacare and Kinections run regular Pre-Marriage Programs for couples contemplating a marriage/partnership commitment. It is not compulsory to undertake these courses but they may be useful in helping couples in sharing, understanding and accepting individual expectations and any how to deal with any differences they find they have on how marriage should be.  Issues such as personality differences, communication, shared values, children and parenting expectations, money management and decision making are covered in these short and inexpensive courses.  For further information, contact the organisations direct.  Their wesite links are below.

Centacare Family and Community Services:
Relationships Australia:
Family relationships Online:
Information About Relationships

Ask me about what I can do for your:

Wedding Ceremonies
Commitment Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies
Renewal of Vows
Memorial Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies

While I am a Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant I available to perform ceremonies across Australia.
Anthony Walsh Brisbane Marriage Celebrant; Sunshine Coast Male Celebrant;Marriage Celebrant Services
Anthony Walsh Sunshine Coast Celebrant; Brisbane celebrant; male celebrant
male wedding celebrant
Call or email me now for the best quality service ensuring your wedding day will be a day full of happy memories.

Anthony Walsh
PO Box 1982 , Cleveland DC, Queensland  4163
Tel:  0404400252

  Resources  &  Supplier  Links 

I provide this information as a service to couples planning for their marriage in the hope that it may be of assistance in the preparation of your special day.  The only advantage that I receive in providing this services is a reciprocal link on the supplier's web site.
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Anthony Walsh;
Sunshine Coast male WEDDING CELEBRANT; male civil celebrant
Male Celebrant
Brisbane; Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant; Anthony Walsh performing the wedding ceremony for Peter & Tracy;authorised civil celebrant


Anthony declaring Graig &  Linda, Husband & Wife
Tracy &  Peter at the Wishing Tree, Mt Tamborine
Anthony Walsh, your Brisbane Celebrant, your Sunshine Coast Celebrant,
thank you for considering
Brisbane  Australia
Sunshine Coast Australia

Tel: 0404400252
©  Copyright 2010/2013/2014 - Anthony Walsh,  Marriage Celebrant Services, Brisbane Australia
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"From the outset we were extremely comfortable and impressed by Anthony's manner and sensitivities to our needs.  As a result we enjoyed a seemless ceremony that was exactly what we had envisaged."
Acknowledging everybody is different and has different needs, we could not have chosen a more perfect celebrant to assist us on this one day of the utmost importance to us. We thank you for being there from the start and right through a challenging period during the evening.  Your conduct, actions, consideration and compassion on the day confirmed the positive impression we gained when we first met for coffee"
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